Artistic Statement 2019

Life, expressed by the unity and rhythms of nature, yielded by the environment, is a source of endless fascination. This sets up a rich dialogue between artist and viewer. My work focuses around nature and the environment, at different times of the day and in various seasons, using complex color combinations and Cubist-inspired 4D compositions.

The idea behind the work, is to engage the viewer in complex ways of thinking about nature and the environment, and visioning them, whether inside or outdoors. My work challenges the viewer to go beyond everyday conceptions of their environment by delving deeper into what is seen and how sight is as much a personal perception, as it is a reality.

My work is informed by an interest in astronomy, quantum physics, the earth sciences, weather, light phenomena and the dynamics of space (inner and outer). I am excited by the prospect of sharing my vision and inviting those who experience the work, to question the ways of seeing and perceiving all that is around us.